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The Dental Implants & Aesthetics Center

Dr. Riad Abu Saleh & Dr. Rawad Abu Saleh

המרכז להשתלות שיניים ואסתטיקה
ד"ר ריאד אבו סאלח וד"ר רואד אבו סאלח


Years of Experience




Smiling Clients

Dr. Rawad Abu Saleh
Dentist and lecturer in the field of dental aesthetics - Director of the Aesthetics Department

Dr. Rawad is considered one of the most talented dentists in Israel in the field of dental aesthetics. He performs most beautiful and high quality aesthetic treatments, to give his clients what is known as "Hollywood smile" or a "Million Dollar Smile".

Dr.Riad Abu Saleh
Dentist and lecturer in the field of dental implants - Director of the Implants Department

Dr. Riyad performs dental implants in a revolutionary method that allows for immediate dental implantation, and in professional terms the method is called Immediate Loading, and the implants are called Basal Implants. With over 15 years of experience, and more than 500 proven implants, Dr. Riyad is guaranteed to restore your confidence and quality of life within a single day.

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