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The Dental Implants & Aesthetics Center

Dr. Riad Abu Saleh & Dr. Rawad Abu Saleh

המרכז להשתלות שיניים ואסתטיקה
ד"ר ריאד אבו סאלח וד"ר רואד אבו סאלח


"I've seen a few dentists, yet not even one of them agreed to treat me. 

I got to Dr. Riyad, and I simply couldn't believe it! He is a magician! Outstanding!"

Nicole Moati - Kiryat Haim



"I've been to many dental clinics. No one wanted to treat me, unless I undergo bone grafting operations. Then I came here ... I couldn't believe it! The very same day I had all my implants done, and the following day I had my new teeth installed!

Yechiel Toboul - Haifa

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