The Dental Implants & Aesthetics Center

Dr. Riad Abu Saleh & Dr. Rawad Abu Saleh

המרכז להשתלות שיניים ואסתטיקה
ד"ר ריאד אבו סאלח וד"ר רואד אבו סאלח
Ever dreamed of having a "Million Dollar Smile"?

Until a few years ago, a perfect smile was exclusive to Hollywood movie stars. So this smile became known as a "Hollywood Smile" or a "Million Dollar Smile"!

Your dream can easily come into reality! From the Dental Implants and Aesthetics Center, under Dr. Rawad's dedicated hands, you can leave with beautiful, sparkling white teeth and the smile you've always wanted.


We invite you to a non-binding consultation. At the end of the meeting you will leave with all the information about the existing methods, their advantages and disadvantages, and what treatment is right for you. In addition, you will have the chance to witness the experience and professionalism of Dr. Rawad, who will accompany you throughout the treatment to achieving your perfect smile.


All information about dental aesthetics and methods of treatment in our Information Center.

Free diagnostics and consultation
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המרכז להשתלות שיניים ואסתטיקה
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ד"ר רואד אבו סאלח - חיוך הוליוודי

המרכז להשתלות שיניים ואסתטיקה Hollywood Smile